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I've created a collection on Observable with all of my Mastodon tools, in case you want them all in one place!! :heart_parrot:

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:heart_parrot: HELLO AGAIN!! :heart_parrot:

I've made a really simple tool for searching your outbox.json (Mastodon archive) file. It's all browser-based and all data stays on your computer — it's not uploaded to the cloud!

There's lots of room for additional features so feel free to suggest some! 💚

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, tho I don't think I ever wrote an actual post on this instance; here we go.

Hiyeeeee~~~! 💚 I'm Andi, I'm a London-based enby computer-y person who does a lot of data viz and Star Trek shitposting. I do photo at London's longest-running trans night, The Way Out Club, and am working on a book.

I'm also at:

- Instagram:
- GitHub:
- Web:
- Photo stuff:

18+ only pls! 🔞

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Me: "I miss psy-trance music festivals. They were intense... Haha, 'in-tents'..."

Kinga: "Oh come on, you never post my amazing jokes to the quote board by then you make an awful joke and I'm expected to like it."

Me: "No, that totally worked, it was contextual to the conversation we were having, it was organic like that."

Kinga: "No, I think it was... 'in-tent-ional'..." 😏

selfie, eye contact, kink-adjacent 

Black and yellow green for a subby drama queen

selfie, eye contact, kink-adjacent 

Black and yellow green for a subby drama queen

make your vote count but also make your count vote. bring dracula to the polling station

Seriously considering buying a buttplug, as an excuse to learn Rust

collar selfies, eye contact 

Bought two new collars today because I realised last week all the ones I had previously are kind of shit

Oh my goodness! 😮

Hello to all you new people on here! 👋

FediFollows (that's me) recommends accounts to follow on Mastodon and the Fediverse, you can see all the recommendations so far organised by category at:

This is just a teeny tiny fraction of the millions of accounts on here, FediFollows' aim is just to give some good starting points.

Follow me if you want to see the latest recommended follows as they are added to the list.

#Introduction #Introductions

I know this truck stop of a website has problems, but I've stuck with it bc it has things going for it. It isn't Twitter, and that's good actually. Embrace not being Twitter, Twitter people

#FediTips (a serious one) abbreviations often used on fedi:
mh = mental health
ph = physical health
abu = abuse
cw = content warning

did I forget any?

some useful hashtags

#FediVision fedi's answer to the eurovision song contest

#FantasticFedi showcase why you like the fediverse

#FediTips give advice on fedi

#AskFedi find out how fedi works

#np now playing music, maybe on an integral part of the fediverse

#Volunteer if you are looking to help out in fedi

#MastoArt showcasing art

#SmolWeb a rejection of Big Tech's web domination

#FediFriday because it's Friday

#MutualAid mutual aid

#fedi for all things #fediverse related

what makes me want to use the blue dye I have sitting around are all Men

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