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corporal punishment; fet stuff; Quiverfull; religion and shit 

*points at self* "Lol that girl needs therapy"

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I've created a collection on Observable with all of my Mastodon tools, in case you want them all in one place!! :heart_parrot:

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:heart_parrot: HELLO AGAIN!! :heart_parrot:

I've made a really simple tool for searching your outbox.json (Mastodon archive) file. It's all browser-based and all data stays on your computer — it's not uploaded to the cloud!

There's lots of room for additional features so feel free to suggest some! 💚

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, tho I don't think I ever wrote an actual post on this instance; here we go.

Hiyeeeee~~~! 💚 I'm Andi, I'm a London-based enby computer-y person who does a lot of data viz and Star Trek shitposting. I do photo at London's longest-running trans night, The Way Out Club, and am working on a book.

I'm also at:

- Instagram:
- GitHub:
- Web:
- Photo stuff:

18+ only pls! 🔞

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Lmao at the guy who created an account on here and then posts an article from Focus On The fucking Family. 🤦🏼‍♀️

one of my friends is in vc and misattributing quotes to stalin and this one is pretty epic tbh

republicans think the youth are sympathetic to socialism because they are getting indoctrinated in school and not because they have turned this country into a pile of dogshit

trans, UK, Bell v Tavistock appeal 

If you don't have the stamina to follow a video livestream, GenderGP is tweeting on the proceedings:

Nothing very surprising being said, but given how lopsided the original case was, it seems necessary to cover basics of the processes involved.

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When you grab the box of Kleenex in advance of having to blow your nose, that's "sneeze en place"

Hi, I'm still alive, despite consuming *at least* 30% of my daily recommended intake of fibre (wtf?).

@andi [Apple Watch immediately notifies your GP, an undertaker, and the Guinness Book of World Records]

I ate a shaker of Huel an hour ago and my stomach just let out a gurgle that lasted for like 45 seconds.

I'm scared, hold me.

4:20 p.m. BST make a worsh :fourtwenty:

(Streak: no idea at this point)

Pokemon but they are anthro and sentient and they achieve warp capability and join the federation and Mewtwo becomes a starfleet captain send toot

Is there any word that takes the adjective "double-ended" besides "dildo"?

Asking for a friend (specifically @AnticsOfAnna 😜)

Drawing of an old (2018) photo 

Ohh yeah! Forgot that someone drew me in this photo. Was definitely back in the days. I forget who it was and there's no signature, help!! 💚

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Old fet scene selfies drawing by @dvdmother 

@dvdmother Here it is!! ☺️💚💚

Old fet scene selfies (2018; SFW; eye contact) 

This was for Halloween at Way Out Club. If you can figure out what I went as please do tell me because I have no idea what I was trying to pull off here. 😂

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