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I've created a collection on Observable with all of my Mastodon tools, in case you want them all in one place!! :heart_parrot:

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:heart_parrot: HELLO AGAIN!! :heart_parrot:

I've made a really simple tool for searching your outbox.json (Mastodon archive) file. It's all browser-based and all data stays on your computer โ€” it's not uploaded to the cloud!

There's lots of room for additional features so feel free to suggest some! ๐Ÿ’š

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, tho I don't think I ever wrote an actual post on this instance; here we go.

Hiyeeeee~~~! ๐Ÿ’š I'm Andi, I'm a London-based enby computer-y person who does a lot of data viz and Star Trek shitposting. I do photo at London's longest-running trans night, The Way Out Club, and am working on a book.

I'm also at:

- Instagram:
- GitHub:
- Web:
- Photo stuff:

18+ only pls! ๐Ÿ”ž

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Grindrpoasting; drug mention 

I think I find this so funnyยน because if I were a Pokรฉmon "Okiedokie" is totally the sound I'd make.

Well either that or "Eepsosorry!!".

ยน Also because marijuana

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Grindrpoasting, very lewd 

Me during sex, as my ass gets violated over and over again: "Ok... Okii... Okiiiiiiiiiiii... Ooooo!!! OOOOOO!!! ... Oooookiiii!!!!

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Going to start playing that annoying game children use to irritate their parents and just ask "Why?" over and over again whenever men request photos.

potentially controversial food poll, probably non-vegan 

if you make 2 identical lasagnas in separate pans, cook them to completion, and then take one of the finished lasagna and place it on top of the other . . .

how many lasagna do you have ?

Violence (against Tories) joke 


mh (-) 

I'm just so tired of everything being maximal effort with minimal effect, I'm so tired of just fucking _coping_ all the time

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Fuck the Tories and fuck four more months of this fucking bullshit

The National Bird of #Kenya, the Lilac-Breasted Roller, sporting her 8 different colours. Photo by Patsy Weingart

Quite lewd; help requested 

@andi "The Full English Breakfast"

Quite lewd; help requested 

@andi itโ€™s called the โ€œpaparazziโ€ because you are getting all the attention.

Quite lewd; help requested 

@andi full service check-up

Quite lewd; help requested 

@andi i believe that's an "spยณ" internationally or a "four-wheel drive" here in the US

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