My friends: "Oh the club's over now..."

Me, in Ahnold voice: "GET TO THA UBAHHHH"

@andi still think cycling to/from clubs is underrated esp if you leave around the 0400-0700 transport gap, although for that particular club I’m not gonna try it until I can get a pair of SPD heels

@doop I did not know heels with SPD clips existed but a quick Google shows they do and are *awesome*! 😍

@andi yeah, pretty much custom jobs only as far as I can see though, and I’m a little reluctant to try it myself given that my all time worst bike crash was caused by a dodgy SPD cleat..

@andi On the third hand you’d think that SPD New Rocks would be a no-brainer given that the cleat recess is already there

@doop Right?!? 😂

Tbth I've never cycled with a SPD setup, think I've always worried about tipping over sideways and being unable to unclip myself in time... 😅

@andi nah, it’s easy, just spend an afternoon in the park practicing starting and stopping and clipping and unclipping and it becomes second nature pretty quickly

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