OH COME ON why can't Mastodon preview oEmbed via YouTube? Will happily PR??

@BestGirlGrace Huh, weird. Bug in the oEmbed implementation for the poster, maybe?

@andi I think it generates the preview asynchronously, too, so it can take a bit.

@BestGirlGrace Is that it? Seems it doesn't leverage oEmbed at all then...

@andi I would imagine it does- it generates OEmbed cards, it just kicks off a Sidekiq task to do it, I believe, and that happens when it happens.

@BestGirlGrace But wait why

Why doesn't it just get a properly sized oEmbed via the oEmbed service??

@andi It's either do it async or every post that contains a link has to make you wait while it goes and crawls the link to generate the card. You can see the crawl workers right here in Sidekiq when I posted something oembeddable.

@BestGirlGrace Ahhhh okay that totes makes sense. Thanks for humouring me! :heart_parrot:

@andi I had to think about it for a second myself. Follow your dreams!

@anna Not for me, weird. I specifically chose YT over Spotify because of oEmbed issues. I wonder if it's a local client issue with oEmbed? Good to know it works elsewhere! 💚

@andi graph previews are generated by the instance you read it from. its done in a low priority queue so it doesnt always show up right away. also its a mastodon-only feature, pleroma doesnt implement it afaik.

@anna That's really interesting. I kinda get why it doesn't let random sites drop media/scripts into the TL via oEmbed but doing a local copy seems really weird...

@andi yeah its generated locally, which makes sense for the reasons outlined

@andi iiiiiii'm pretty sure it can sometimes?

( this one worked for me, vanilla masto 2.8.0, but also sometimes it loads slowlyyyy or doesn't until a reload and i have no idea why. :\ )

@andi but yeah i've defo seen it fail-to-load-previews for like a whiiiile before and iunno why that happens 😣

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