Completely unbiased opinion, but, if you're wanting to drop to uninformed cultural stereotypes, Spanish people are quite frequently the best humanity has to offer. :heart_parrot:

@Jewbacchus But come on. Spanish women (the admittedly liberal and cosmopolitan cohort I've encountered) are some of the loveliest people.

@breakfastgolem @Jewbacchus I want to *move* to Barcelona so bad.

✔️ Good weather
✔️ Legal cannabis
✔️ Amazing weather
✔️ Excellent tech infrastructure
✔️ Nude beaches within the city centre
✔️ Nice architecture
✔️ Brilliant people
🤷🏼‍♀️ Why am I not there already??

@andi @Jewbacchus Let's gooooooo. I want to see Barca play at Camp Nou and eat all the food and drink all the drinks and explore. I've never been to Europe. :\


@breakfastgolem @Jewbacchus lmao I was at a hack day in Barcelona once. My team won. The final night of the conference was at Camp Nou so we were running all over the place, drinking champagne from the ridiculously oversized trophy we won. Seriously rate it in my top 50 all-time memories. 😊

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@andi @Jewbacchus ...I have enough miles with AA for a ticket. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

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