really feeling like fedi could use another round of “what’s your Bad Dragon Dildosona”

lewd bad dragon content 

preemptive apologies for the lewdness of this thread, feel free to boost under this cw

tag urself and include a pic of ur #dildosona from bad dragon

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lewd bad dragon content 

@juicebat I'm Crash, in signature colours.


lewd bad dragon content 

@juicebat Flavour text:

Here’s a tip: Crash sure does have one. Perfect for slowly opening you up or teasing and taunting you in all the right places, Crash sure is one mischievous fella.

Once atop Crash, you’ll find him full of delightful textures and detailed ridges designed for incredible stimulation. His manageable knot is coated in yet more texture to really send you over the edge as you experience all this toy has to offer.

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