LOL! Yo, people really believe this is a legitimate point to 'debate'.

People really believe their obviously hostile biases and bigotry are worthy of actual consideration.

I will never not laugh at this.

I'm not one to talk about my accomplishments and all that because who cares, but it's always funny to me how people *assume* I'm not an accomplished person because of my particular views about social justice.

I don't base my value on personal credentials which is why I don't talk about it a lot, but it goes back to how bigots value *performing* success rather than being that.

Whomever this person is 'attacks' what he thinks will affect me based on nothing but his own bigotry.

That's funny.

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“It’s always funny to me how people assume I’m not an accomplished person because of my particular views about social justice.”

This happens a lot with me in the FOSS space. The moment I speak up people assume that I’ve contributed nothing, and that I have no skill. They don’t know how to respond when someone shows them my full git activity, though 🤷🏾‍♂️

@brainblasted This has happened to me as well over the years, which is why I generally don't get along well with managers that have no dev experience.

I'm a pro's pro. My style is unorthodox but I do what works and not what's popular.

Other pros recognize this pretty easily, which is pretty much what I've built me career on.

People assumptions about my skills have absolutely nothing with my actual skills.

It's mostly just people's insecurities showing through.


@Are0h @brainblasted The whole idea that "meritocracy" means "being a dick to people who you perceive to know less or to have done less" is probably one of the most toxic aspects of FOSS rn and it drives me up the wall.

@andi @brainblasted In my experience, it's all a performance by insecure people trying to impersonate what strength is.

The ironic part is that it shows even more how pathetic these people are.

Strong, intelligent and secure people simply don't behave in this manner.

@andi @Are0h @brainblasted my main problem rn is that telling people to stop being dicks when they do ⬆️is being treated as censorship

and that's where i just go 🙅 and wanna🔥 and 🖕 and 💣 🌉 💥 but 🤷‍♀️, you know?

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