A thought: given finding old toots is really hard, might a list functionality be useful, whereby you can create lists of toots for future reference, even if it's just restricted to your own?

@andi on glitchsoc there's the bookmark feature, that works like a fav but it's only for yourself and it adds it to a separate list

finding old toots 

finding old toots 


as twitter was created as a business and ultimately as a driver of consumption I don't think anyone has really given much thought to what microblogging might look like if it focused on something other than what is popular and happening right this very second.

I love your idea and in general find the idea of treating microblogging as a method of collecting (and not just engaging with and then forgetting) ideas and thoughts very interesting!

@Alonealastalovedalongthe Totally 💯 this; I have a few tropes I revisit in my posting and if nothing else it would be nice to be able to create a collection of these I can pass along to non-Mastodon users.

@andi I'd love that. There's so many bits of advice or recommendations I want to save, so I fav them, but that gets lost *super* fast in the rush of new info.

@andi What I do: copy various toot threads I write over to my own site, lightly editted.

For me these are descriptions of how various software projects (WebKit and GTK usually) works.

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