Big ups Bercow for being the least-shitty person in parliament. You will be missed as speaker.

:bercowparty: :bercowparty: :bercowparty:


Ukpol, emoji 

(Yes this was totally just a really weak attempt to squeeze a few more uses out of that ridiculous emoji)

:bercowparty: :bercowparty: :bercowparty: :bercowparty: :bercowparty: :bercowparty: :bercowparty: :bercowparty: :bercowparty: :bercowparty: :bercowparty: :bercowparty::bercowparty: :bercowparty: :bercowparty: :bercowparty: :bercowparty: :bercowparty:

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