God I'm so sick of dance music about relationships, can we please have some dance music about smashing capitalism or the patriarchy or something already?*

*That isn't Atari Teenage Riot b/c honestly I like to dance to dance music.

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@andi ehhhh their studio stuff fair enough but my experience is that live ATR gigs are horrifyingly, exhaustingly danceable


Is it all relationships or just very cishet amatonormative, allonormative mononormative ones?

Because I honestly would love to hear some about 'nontraditional' or 'unconventional' relationships, heh.

Still, I also agree that smashing capitalism and the patriarchy etc are worthy dance music topics and there should be more!

@UnclearFuture Honestly it feels like a third of dance music is like unrequited pining for someone, another third is losing someone, another third is being happy to be with someone. Another third is just about sex in general, because I'm good at math.

Which like fine whatever, but there's more to life...

@andi This sounds to me suspiciously like you have not accepted our Lord and Saviour Chris Liberator into your heart.

@andi (or in fact anything from the UK crusty acid scene in general - not uncommon to hear "Fuck the Tories" chants at Stay Up Forever gigs easily a decade or two ago but blah blah nobody ever listens to us GenX etc)

@andi See also: industrial/ebm passim, although it's a lot more complicated (PS come to slimelight, we've been celebrating the horrifying futuristic dystopia since looong before it was cool)

@doop I seriously need to go sometime, I've been to every other thing at Metalworx and gosh could I seriously use an industrial palate cleanser after all the cheesy pop I've been subjected to every Saturday for the last year and a half. 😅

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