Medium link; hair removal 

@andi Of course, it varies a fair bit: skin type, hair color(s), laser type, laser power setting(s) used, and so on. But my course of six full body sessions took about a year, and I've not really had any need for further treatment. There are a few survivors, but they can be taken care of in a minute with a razor every month or so. (Versus before the first laser sessions, where there was too much leg hair to deal with practically by razor - I gave up and used Nair instead)

There's also the option of using an IV painkiller - a few places offer that, such as one in Brussels, where they basically hook you up to The Good Stuff triggered by you on demand, and they work on you for a full eight hours a day. The full program is four days, then three, two, and one, spaced a few weeks apart. Expensive, at 3200€ for the first four days and so on, but attractive if the money's there and you don't want to be looking at multiple years of electro - but personally, I'd only look that way for hairs that are too light to treat with laser, or if your skin's too dark for laser to be safe.

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