Me: Darling... DARLING. Are you... Are you really.... ARE YOU REALLY... Trying... Trying to tell me... TELL ME... ARE YOU TRYNA' TELL ME... That I... go off... on... TANGENTS????

@Dawn: Yes.

Upon rereading — I'm sorry if it sounds like I'm trying to come off as having a speech impediment or something in this post; that's really, *really* not the intent.

Moreover it's that I am *gratingly* verbose.

I see this as a strength instead of a problem — BECAUSE I AM A MASSIVE NARCISSIST — so that ain't going away, but is probably one of those "you either love it or leave it" aspects of my character.

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@andi you mean verbose like just explains everything or verbose like has to tell me what you were having for breakfast before you can tell me about this funny thing that happened at work today?

@eject The latter, and then some, and then I'll probably have forgotten the original point I was making

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