Going to start an industrial-sized kombucha setup so I can grow a shitload of SCOBYs and make sexy plant-based leather outfits for my tribe of hot femme road warriors scavenging through the bones of post-apocalypse London

@andi Alas, I don't think I could be a hot femme warrior (or anything else involving hotness or femmeness), but I'm into this idea.

@celesteh Could still make it work! Got any skills? Nunchaku, bow-hunting, computer hacking — all good!

@celesteh Hmm, well, slap on a 4:4 kick and you're good to go 👍

@andi This leather looks like it might have issues with being brittle and not water resistant, so perfect for making plague masks

@celesteh I'm sure that the water resistance won't be an issue in... *checks notes* ...London.

apocalypse silliness 

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