I feel so sorry for my decade-younger Polish girlfriend, I'll start randomly quoting awful mid-naughts Dadaist internet humour at her and then realise that she was like 4 when it came out.


Me, in faux French accent: "But I am le tired... Okay so have le nap, THEN FIRE ZEE MISSILES!"

Girlfriend: *blank expression*

Me, very Strongbad voice: "Uh... The system... Is down... The system... Is down..."

Girlfriend: *blank expression intensifies*

Me, desperate: "Here's a llama, there's a llama, and another little llama..."

Girlfriend: *she's already left the room at this point*

@andi how do you not know the llama song that thing was famous when I was in 2nd grade

@heartles In her defence, she's battling both my very specific and arcane sense of humour, which would be difficult to parse with a decade age gap even if she was from North America like me, but also growing up in Poland and not learning English until grade school.

@heartles Also: EFF YEAH LLAMA SONG!! I have that entire thing memorised lolll

@andi you: "....CAAAAAaaaaaaAAAAAARRRRLLLL!"

Her: "That is not my name, you know this"

@Garrison Ahh I remember telling my sister there's a surprise ending if you let it play for half an hour. Good times...!

@andi we left it playing all night in college once. the surprise was that the audio got out of sync.

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