Feeling like shit 

Let me preface this by requesting you don't respond with saying how pretty I am or whatever; I present a facsimile on here, my issue isn't with the facsimile, it's with the fact it doesn't look anything like real life and people treat me like shit all the time because I don't really look like my photos. I'm so sorry that real skin isn't porcelain smooth and not ever angle is My One Good Angle. But why bother treating me like a person when I don't always please the male gaze?

Feeling like shit; directed to somebody specific who'll never read it 

And I'm so fucking sorry you grew up somewhere that led you to internalise a bunch of toxic shit; spoilers, I grew up there too, but at least I'm honest with myself. Maybe you're not actually looking for someone. Maybe you're just looking to salve that searing hatred you feel towards yourself for feeling things you don't want to feel. Maybe I'm just collateral damage to your failure to ever let anybody touch you.

Feeling like shit 

Fuck, I just want to curl into a ball and cry

Feeling like shit 

@andi If I were able to, I'd simply cuddle up and hear whatever you had to let out.

Sure, you're hot. But you're *nice* - you seem, from everything I know, to be a genuinely sweet sort, someone I could relax with.

You've fielded *far* worse abuse than I have, and I wish that weren't so - nobody need tolerate the tales you've recounted. I've been aghast, and you've been stoic.

You're a powerful MF.

Feeling like shit 

@porsupah Thank you. 💚 I'm doing a lot better today.

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