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I went on an OK Cupid date last night and hooked up and been feeling bad all day about it because we're like not supposed to, like, be going on dates and having hookups in 2020, right...? But the government says I can, kinda, I think??

I feel like I need to form a cohesive group of fuck buddies as a support bubble before lockdown 2.0 happens, but it's making me feel like a right skank in the process, and much misery in the last few weeks has resulted... 😣

re: Covidy stuff, dating 

@andi :hug:

You're not a skank. Some folks need to do something like that as part of their personal support structure. There's nothing wrong with that (provided it's all consenting adults, et cetera). And some folks don't. And there's nothing wrong with that, either.


re: Covidy stuff, dating 

@drwho Thank you 💚 Like, it's all so fraught with peril, I don't want to do something antisocial but if we go to "High" status and can't even visit each other's homes anymore, everyone's just going to get fed up and say "fuck the Tories" (and for fucking reals tho — *fuck* the Tories) and shit's going to get even more out of control...

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@andi We're not too far away from that here. Fake ballot collection boxes are popping up in California, probably other places.

We're not quite that locked down right now, but it's definitely a possibility. We're at 50k new cases per day in the States.

re: Covidy stuff, dating 

@drwho Oh yeah, like, compared to the States, our hilarious lil' UK clusterfuck is just *fine*, thank you lol. I hate talking to Americans about this because it feels our environment is way less intense.

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@andi It's probably just as intense, just in different ways.

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