re: Ukpol (++, for fucking once) 

@andi more like Dominic Leavings am I right? 💩

Ukpol (++, for fucking once) 

@andi yeeeeeeeeeeeeees. That's Seamus Milne and Dominic Cummings both fucked off out of politics, its glorious.

Ukpol (++, for fucking once) 

@andi Wow. That *is* a good sign. I imagine he'll lurk in the shadows, but even then, it's clear his role as the eminence grise, especially wrt the government's appallingly blase handling of public safety under coronavirus, is over.

Of course, we can only wonder who'll take his place. If it's someone with all the love and compassion of Rees-Mogg - Baker's hungry for power, and Brexit's done well for his rise from a helicoptered candidate to chair of the 1922 brigade - then I doubt much would change, given the enthusiasm for that wing of the party to exercise Republican style non-handling of the pandemic. Does the party even have a moderate wing any more, given the fate of the Brexit moderates last December?

Still. This /is/ good news. ^_^

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