Mastodon is truly the only non-disappointing ActivityPub app. Every time I try to make something else on the fediverse work, I'm always disappointed.

Like, why can't Pixelfed and Mastodon talk to each other? What a colossal missed opportunity.


Speaking of Pixelfed:

Creating a federated FetLife-like site, or at least I want to, except Pixelfed doesn't federate to anything except Pixelfed.

@andi what's your username there? i seem to remember that you can follow pixelfed accounts on mastodon if you do a search for specific usernames

@Garrison @andi it will probably break now and then because pixelfed has a known issue with usernames containing uppercase characters (among a lot of its other federation issues)

@IngaLovinde @Garrison But I don't use uppercase letters in my username..? 🤷🏼‍♀️

@IngaLovinde @Garrison Urghh wonder whether I should bail on Pixelfed and switch to Masto instead for this project.

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