Anyone who moderates a large instance or has been on one, can you please point me towards some good resources on developing community policies, particularly for instances where NSFW content is allowed? Thank you!! πŸ’šπŸ’š

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instances' TOS 

@andi I'd start with looking over the TOS of instances you know and trust - many will be based on a few common roots, just with local variations, so it might not take all that long. Moderation's a part of it, of course, especially if there may be large numbers involved - a good set of guidelines and rules is meaningless if they don't actually apply.

instances' TOS 

@porsupah That's helpful, thanks. I was thinking earlier about BOFA and how that died due to poor moderation. The tech side is the easy part IMO; while I don't foresee any problems when it's mainly my close friends, we absolutely have to have moderation and visible policies if I intend my project to scale to the size of something like FetLife.

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