@andi RATP group in London ? This is "Régie autonome des transport parisiens". Grand Paris public transport company??????

@popolon Yep. Welcome to post-Brexit, post-Thatcher Britain, where London's iconic double-decker buses are managed by a bunch of European consortiums. RATP is mostly south London, Arriva (German) is east London, forgetting the other ones at the moment

@andi We have the same situation in Paris far suburb with water+gas private companies (Veolia/Suez, created during Napoleon III reign) managing bus, this never work, their hours doesn't match train, so they are empty and people walk. at least RATP (that is half public, half managed by workers) works very well. Water was managed by this two companies in Paris until few years ago, after coming back to municipality management, price was halved, workers was hired by the company, repairing all leaks in water network, that lets lot of drinkable water gone away, and far less chlorine is needed in tap water as water pipes are now maintained.

Hope the brexit will help to regain sovereignty of citizen and they so will have again some priority on investors. I seen there is a step forward railway renationalisation in UK. In about 170 years of trains history, every time there was a dictator in France, everything was privatized for the friends of the dictator companies, and after all the companies get all the money they can from the previously build transport companies, the transport is again nationalized to be rebuild by public finance. In France due to European commission pressure, we are in phase of infrastructure destruction. Train (we still are not in the awful position of UK or japan with lot of companies and problem of service associated happily, in japan Shinkansen is still in public JR company and works well, but as in uk for other line, you never know if you can go everywhere with your current rail pass) gas, telecom are all privatized, service quality reduce, price rise a lot. Electricity national company (EDF) is the last public one, but government decided to rise prices rise for paying & helping "free concurrency".

@popolon Heh, I think we have Veolia in west London doing buses, that's another one.

Agreed about railway re-nationalisation though, I think it actually stands a chance because literally NOBODY likes how the trains work in this country.

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