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I'm going to tell all y'all bishes the truth.


is ecological terrorism.
is ecological terrorism.
art on proof-of-work blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum is both stupid AND ecological terrorism.

I work with people who very very rich people listen to for financial advice. They're all very bearish on this shit. Get out while you can. If you don't, don't say I didn't warn you.

FWIW, I think cryptocurrency is actually pretty fucking cool. Keybase gave me a bunch of XLM as a promo a few years back, which at one point became worth something, so I transferred it to coins that were more, uh, resilient than Lumens. Tbh, I see a bright future for Stellar, they do most everything right. Like, the speed and cost of transactions? Wow. And you can do NFTs on Stellar. And it's proof-of-stake, so not ecological terrorism.

But Ethereum and Bitcoin?

Yeah fuck that shit.

@andi@nuklear.family Ethereum does more than any other project to popularize the PoS idea. Many people are just ignorant about that.

@szecyna That's true, I'll give you that. But in effect all claims ETH make about PoS are hot air until they deprecate their PoW-based network, while other tokens are doing PoS already. So long as PoW is in use by ETH, it's still part of the problem.

@andi@nuklear.family Ok, I understand the point. Switching Ethereum to PoS is a technically hard problem and the process is happening right now. But the ethereum community should be under pressure to speed up.

@andi Proof of Stake still recreates the power concentration issues that already exist in the world. So that doesn't sound very revolutionary to me.


When I'm feeling particularly generous toward cryptocurrencies, I think of it as a good idea ruined by the worst aspects of finance.

It's like if the Wright Brothers built their flyer and two years later, there's a huge market on future passenger flights to the moon. There *might* be a Bitcoin descendant that's useful but this isn't it.

@suetanvil @andi anonymous digital cash would be cool. That's not what cryptocurrencies are, and they never have been.

@arielcostas @tfb @andi

I'm told that Taler is basically designed to troll coinbros so I approve of it on that principle already.

(Apparently, the buyer is anonymous but the seller is not, so transactions remain taxable. This is a feature.)

@suetanvil @tfb @andi GNU Taler is really promising, but it's still not functional, it will take years before it's fully functional, battle tested and adopted, sadly

@arielcostas @tfb @andi

I suppose we need some kind of game context in which to experiment with this kind of stuff. Throw it in the wild but use it for in-game hats or electing the Space Pope or something.


@andi I appreciate that the phrase "ecological terrorism" appears to have reversed its meaning

used to be we were supposed to be scared of the folks who want to protect the environment

NFT and ETH are not hugely important in our view. But #bitcoin is. If you are an environmentalist and are against #endlessGrowth, can we suggest a video?

Search for "Bitcoin vs political power" by a person called Stephan. Its not long.

Then come back and we can discuss more if you like.

The ppl you work with might simply be willfully ignorant because they get first dibs on #moneyPrinting, dubbed the #cantillonEffect.

If you're passionate about peace and sustainability check that video.

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