today sucks ass 

Let me enumerate everything that has happened today:

• missed my laser appointment due to having the date fucked up in my calendar
• misgendered like at least 7 or 8 times already
• totally erased from a project at work, during Trans Visibility Week no less
• weed guy is out
• gender clinic called to tell me my levels are over 2k and I'm at risk of thrombosis

Am now back at the gender clinic waiting to have my bloods taken again. Somebody just kill me.


today's much better 

Got my laser appointment rebooked for Monday and got my E2 retest back, somehow I'm now down to 1600 despite having my bloods taken closer to when I put it on? Anyway they've dropped me by one pump and will check again in a few weeks.

today's much better 

@andi w00t! Much better. ^_^

Bloodwork's *weird*. I was on the same regimen for about the last two years with GGP, and still wound up with E2 from around 500 up to 1100.

today's much better 

@porsupah What's uptake time on topical estradiol? I was so confused, my bloods yesterday were like two hours later than on Tuesday (3h gap versus like a 1.5h gap) so I was expecting my E2 to be even higher, but was much lower. I'm starting to suspect it's due to that? Well, whatever; I'm dropping to 3 pumps and making sure it doesn't get anywhere near my testes and trying again in 6 weeks.

today's much better 

@andi It looks like about 2h after; fascinatingly - and to me, counterintuitively - it seems to have a higher initial spike if the /area/ applied is /smaller/.

Changing location'll definitely have an impact - scrotum's apparently a popular location in Brazil, to make the gel/patches go much further.

today's much better 

@porsupah Interesting. That is counterintuitive. And makes sense, considering I was putting it in a pretty small area.

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