Okay quick poll: Potato skin

My partner has provided more context -- potatoes without skin will pull in spices from curries better, which fwiw, I was assuming standard British cuisine so yeah this tracks.

Wait, she's lost me again:


*makes spread hand gesture*

"It's a big chip!!!!"

Tbh I think a lot of this discussion is context-dependent and even a slight difference in context changes the equation

@Laser Whole ass potatoes. Say from a roast, served on your plate whole.

@AnticsOfAnna @eject Tbf I'm probably going to peel my potatoes now geeeeez 😜

@andi @AnticsOfAnna compromise: cook them on a high enough heat that the skins fall off

@andi they must be properly crisped otherwise eff them right off my dang portatoos

@andi tbh I would be surprised if Belarus didn't take the first spot.
Like, everybody in that region knows that Belarus is a potato country. They are the experts in potatoes. The only frequently used racial semi-slur towards belarusians in Russia or Ukraine involves belarusian word for potatoes. And at least for the last couple of years Lukashenko is called "Pührer", with Pühre being the Russian (and Belarusian, and Ukrainian) word for mash(ed potatoes).

Also their kilograms _produced_ per capita was around 700 in 2017 (down from 1400 kg per capita in 19700).

@andi definitely. in the american west vernacular of potato making, you can’t even begin to answer the question of skin-on without knowing what kind of potato, let alone what preparation.

…hell, it’s standard fare to bake skin-on, scoop and mash, and *return* the mash to the skins to be cheese-broiled and served!

@andi wait, are you putting in whole unchopped potatoes into your curry?

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