normies doing psys 

I keep seeing articles about psychedelia going mainstream, with "hip" corporate leaders or whoever doing mushrooms in Jamaica or ahayusca in South America or whatever, and on one hand it feels like this can only lead to a subculture I love being commercialised to the benefit of traditional monied interests (like with weed in Canada), but OTOH maybe if enough CEOs have terrible fucking trips they might actually learn about "empathy" and the world would benefit as a result? 🤷🏼‍♀️


normies doing psys 

I think there's sort of a medicalisation of drug culture as it becomes mainstream, with the avoidance of irregularities and side-effects a priority. But the side-effects are the entire *point* of doing psychedelics; even the roughest trips I've been on, I learned a lot from. Sometimes your brain is silently screaming and psychedelics let you hear that screaming, which can be extremely off-putting, but can direct you towards things about yourself you need to work on...

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