Just spilled kief all over companhy property AMA

@eject idk, I've been better tbth. I'm out of weed and acting as a free hostel for my partner's family for a week before I fuck off to Canada for 16 days, first time since I started transitioning, and I'm starting to realise I've been low-key freaking out about the latter since *April*.

How are you? 💚

@andi i'm alright. took some time off work this month and now i need to get myself motivated to get on with some personal projects before i run out of money and have to find more client work :meowgiggle:

@andi i hope canada goes alright for you 💚

@andi nothing too exciting, mostly catching up with maintenance on some open source projects and *maaybe* finishing off that bird feeding game i started on back in january

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