There's nothing that makes me yawn harder than a fancy dress party

Worse is when it's a fancy dress fetish party.

"Ooh which Greek goddess are you cosplaying as??"

"Uhhh the slutty one??" 🤷🏼‍♀️

@aleph3eard "Uhhh *shifty eyes* the slutty, uhh tall one with long hair??"

@bri_seven "Fancy dress" is British for "cheaply costumed", I have no problem with dresses that are fancy!

@andi oh wow, okay. what’s british for tasteless chavs?

@andi btw i heard you and cheryl have been brunching and gossiping about me behind my back! how is she? was a bit worried about her for a bit

@bri_seven Is this earnest or continuing the previous conversation because I'll have you know that I am *wracking* my brain for Cheryls I might have met recently.

@andi in earnest! ok hum, maybe she uses a different name irl

@bri_seven Tbth I'd probably say Hotspurs, I used live up Bruce Grove tho innit

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