Violence (against Tories) joke 


Transitioning (+++); selfie 

Had my call with GenderGP this afternoon, it went well. They'll likely be getting back to me with a prescription in the next few weeks. After that I ran to to get my blood work done, had the loveliest trans man attending to me, we chatted a bunch about being late transitioners and honestly just everything today was super affirming. ☺️

My appointment with Babylon's trans health GP is Sunday so hoping that's all I need for shared care. SOON!! :heart_parrot:

Like okay somebody please do better than this, I'm not funny and this is probably going to end up in some educational slide-deck but you get the idea now lol

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I've removed the text in the top two panels because this image just has such intense "Potential Meme Format" energy

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Transitioning (++) 

Me, to the NHS, my family, the world: "TIME'S UP LET'S DO THIS β€” LEEEEEEEEEANNE JENKINNNNSSS"


I've started responding to guys who open with voice notes with just like 30 seconds of noise or a bunch of silence followed by a thunderous burp

UK trans health; TransPlus/GIC (--) 

So, apparently lots of staff at TransPlus are sick right now and it'll be summer before I even get a first appointment.

I had hoped to be seen sometime around now, am frankly pretty fucking bereft. I know it's nothing like what people who've had to actually wait for the GIC have been through, but fuck, it really sucks and I'm kind of gutted right now, currently weighing up private care options...


I'm getting creative when guys send me voice notes now. My response is 30 seconds of space heater noise followed by me making a raspberry sound.


Oh my god mate, fuck off. Also fuck all the women who didn't have the balls to tell this guy how shit of a lover I have no doubt he is.


Or as the kids refer to them, "a dunk".

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