Selfie (eye-contact); military kink; videogame cosplay ref 

Here's part of my outfit, I need to braid my hair and uhhh find a green body suit/red boxing gloves still. I have like 24 hours lmao

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Somewhat lewd selfie, eye contact 

I promise you I don't have a black eye, this was just post-coitus and my mascara ran a bit 😅

Yet more transphobia and instance blocks 

God, they're really coming out of the woodwork today, aren't they?

This one is now just drowning me in pictures of vaginas with STDs, as well as sundry transmisic content. is the instance.

More transphobia, another instance block recc 

God, seems the assholes really discovered my account last week, huh? seems to be run by Nazis so pretty easy instance block.

Transphobia, instance block recc 

Oh look, another one from the same instance on the same post.

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Transphobia, instance block recc 

What an asshole. Seems the entire instance is full of shitheads, their content policy is about "reclaiming free speech" and other such nonsense.


Truly I'm the worst user of Grindr

Violence (against Tories) joke 


Transitioning (+++); selfie 

Had my call with GenderGP this afternoon, it went well. They'll likely be getting back to me with a prescription in the next few weeks. After that I ran to to get my blood work done, had the loveliest trans man attending to me, we chatted a bunch about being late transitioners and honestly just everything today was super affirming. ☺️

My appointment with Babylon's trans health GP is Sunday so hoping that's all I need for shared care. SOON!! :heart_parrot:

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