Useless cartoon gun in game 

I ragequit shortly after this, I used all my fruit to buy this gun and I can't even get it out of this room 😭

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I just realised the layout makes no sense. You get a different room every time you go into a tunnel

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Now playing Sewer Rave, I have zero idea what this game is trying to say

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Selfies from Saturday, eye contact, kinda lewd 

Oh shit didn't I post these from Saturday?? Whups sorry lol

Like dang I'm kinda hot sometimes πŸ˜…

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self-care, mh++, no makeup selfie, eye contact 

Eh fine okay selfies??

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Bartending with Andi, lesson 1 

*A Fucking Gin and Tonic*
1. Big ass red wine glass
2. 250mL Fevertree Tonic Water, like fucking any of their flavours will do but don't you fucking DARE step to me with that Schweppes (or, dare I say, TESCO) shit
3. Half a fucking lime

Pour like 6 shots worth into glass. Pour half the bottle of Fevertree into glass. Cut lime in half, take one half, squeeze it in, drop lime in cup. Stir with finger, because fuck dishes. Fuck ice. Done, you win queen. Bitchin'.

Okay, *fuck* Spotify, and also *fuck* Algoriddim for trying to wallpaper over the fact that their kinda-shitty DJing software's one killer feature is the fact that you can stream from Spotify, and that's going away now. 🀬

Selfies, eye contact πŸ“ΈπŸ’š 

Selfies from the Zoom pyjama party I was at last night. Something awesome about being able to party with 100 people in a negligee from the comfort of your living room... 😊

Drive-thru gasmask strippers 

You know, I'm actually suddenly a lil' bit delighted we live in a neon anime sci-fi dystopia.


No gods! No masters! And, most certainly β€” NO FUCKING MEN!!!!

New cocktail idea: The GTK 

I present to you β€” the GTK:

Gin: 1 part
Tonic water: 2 parts
Unflavoured, unfiltered non-carbonated kombucha: 1 part

Combine in a cocktail mixer with ice, serve in martini glass.

Double amount of tonic to make more of a highball drink than a cocktail.

Selfie ec 

My girl wanna party all the time
Party all the time
Party all the time

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