Snapchat selfies (eye contact; filters) 

Bonus slightly lewdish selfie, ec 

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Slightly lewdish selfie, ec 

Selfie ec 

Sports bra; no makeup selfie 


Nude (not lewd) selfie, no eye contact 

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Nude (not lewd) selfie, no eye contact 

It's taken me two goddamn weeks to get to the point of wanting to do my nails but here we go. First time with fake nails, my fingers are so, SO too wide and I did a shit job sticking them on (shit that glue dries fast!!), but hopefully they end up being a decent midway point between peel off gel nails and full-on gel nails...

#30daynude day 2; pretty PG really 

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#30daynude day 1; butt shot 

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