Sorry for being so over-dramatic earlier... 😮‍💨 Feeling better after doing my hair and nails tonight.


When guys open with "do you want to suck me off?" I'm just going to respond with this emoji:


I don't know what it means exactly but the expression just says "I'm tired"


'U like train" is the most comprehensively confusing opening line I've ever been asked.

On selfies; filters (no makeup/filter selfie) 

When people compliment my photos, I often say it's all just good lighting and recurrent neural networks, which is true to some extent — I use face smoothing in my photo apps on the max setting, because I am old and my T is still too high.

As I continue transitioning, I'm going to start posting photos without any filters, both in terms of understanding realistic transition progress, as well as not reinforce trans beauty myths. :heart_parrot:

I usually talk a lot of shit about Facebook, but wow, what a lovely interaction. 🥰 I don't get a thousand responses to even the long-form journalism I do, am a bit blown away...

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Swimsuit selfies, no makeup, eye contact 

Feeling cute, might delete later

Sundry randos anonymously asking me fet-y questions 

"I've made a huge mistake," &c. &c.

Selfie (eye-contact); military kink; videogame cosplay ref 

Here's part of my outfit, I need to braid my hair and uhhh find a green body suit/red boxing gloves still. I have like 24 hours lmao

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Somewhat lewd selfie, eye contact 

I promise you I don't have a black eye, this was just post-coitus and my mascara ran a bit 😅

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