Mask selfie, eye contact 

This is from last week, love how it turned out tho... ☺️

I won my first Warhammer game! ☺️ Clearly need to paint a lot of stuff tho

Ponderings while watching porn 

"Why are they having a slumber party in the middle of the day...?"

40k; Tyranids 

Excited about the 1k point Space Bugz army I'm building rn πŸ˜„

Photos are of the Start Collecting box I've just assembled, plus one more box of genestealers. I just received a Hive Tyrant, 2 boxes of Termagants and box of Venomtropes today, hoping to assemble and prime everything over the next few days!

Thinking I'll paint them like Hive Fleet Kronos??

Lewd selfie (nipple, cannabis) 

Instead of having a breakdown once a week and y'all being subjected to my dysphoria and still are nice enough to say I'm pretty and stuff, I'm just going to post lewd selfies once a week and call it the Rev. Andi N. Fiziks Mutual Adoration Power Hour

Late-night, coffee-drinking 420 space gay reporting for duty

Lewds; hog, eye contact 

A friend in a WhatsApp group asked for nudes for his birthday so I shot these lol

Lewd, nipple 

I bought a set of these suction clamps today for like Β£10 and honestly they're the most fun I've had in ages. Highly recommended!

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