@MrJimmy Yeah same. We used that in our Traveller games a lot.

Lmao at the guy who created an account on here and then posts an article from Focus On The fucking Family. 🤦🏼‍♀️

one of my friends is in vc and misattributing quotes to stalin and this one is pretty epic tbh

@dankwraith It's worth noting too that this was the case before COVID. Honestly the Boomers in America have no idea the backlash they've fomented, it feels like the summer of last year was just a taster.

@dankwraith "Hilarious" is almost definitely the wrong word in hindsight. But honestly it's really confusing moving from Canada to what is supposedly one of the most socialist places on earth — and all the extremely serious Marxist talk I hear these days comes from Americans. 🤷🏼‍♀️

@dankwraith It's hilarious, like 90% of the self-defined Marxists I know are American.

Correlation? Or causation...? :thinkspin:

republicans think the youth are sympathetic to socialism because they are getting indoctrinated in school and not because they have turned this country into a pile of dogshit

corporal punishment; fet stuff; Quiverfull; religion and shit 

@abbaxi Yeah, this. It feels like it's kind of the logical conclusion of the Pro-Life moment, insomuch protecting the concept of "child" is more important than the reality of actually raising one.

I hate entertaining that debate, I have no desire to ever have kids so am fairly ambivalent what people do with theirs. The broader issue of bodily autonomy does concern me tho, and that crowd loves to stake claim on what's not theirs...

corporal punishment; fet stuff; Quiverfull; religion and shit 

@abbaxi Having as many kids as possible in a developed nation as we approach humanity's inevitable end as a result of global warming seems so morally repugnant to me that I honestly don't think I'd have enough common ground to want to bother convincing such a person otherwise, ngl. 😣

Stupid political song 

@ak 🤫 It's a secret plot by Antifa to make nationalism look even less cool than it already is

trans, UK, Bell v Tavistock appeal 

If you don't have the stamina to follow a video livestream, GenderGP is tweeting on the proceedings:


Nothing very surprising being said, but given how lopsided the original case was, it seems necessary to cover basics of the processes involved.

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When you grab the box of Kleenex in advance of having to blow your nose, that's "sneeze en place"

@RussellsBarbershopQuartet Do they... Do they not know... How much coders in NYC cost...??????

Hi, I'm still alive, despite consuming *at least* 30% of my daily recommended intake of fibre (wtf?).

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