@Garrison Personally, I'm a disappointment in the streets... And also a disappointment in the sheets.


And this is why we learn the difference between "your" and "you're"...


@Garrison And this right here is why I'm a bottom most of the time.


@andi "thank you for the opportunity to disappoint you"

@georgespolitzer @amateurhour So why did strongman performers wear capes then?? Let's see how far down the "why are capes a thing" rabbit hole this goes!!

@georgespolitzer @amateurhour Oh shit, really? I took an entire undergrad course on graphic novels and that totally never clicked for me. Makes sense thi

@georgespolitzer @amateurhour Like, why do super heros wear capes? Because they look cool flying through the air??? Idgi, because if you think about the least practical garment for an action combat person to wear, it's a motherfickin CAPE

@georgespolitzer @amateurhour Pardon the intrusion and please bear with me here but like isn't the whole concept of capes on super heros really fucking weird???

Fallout New Vegas is realistic because I can have a party of only gays

I'm really sitting with my dick and balls . I'm trying to grapple with my dick and balls

i'm writing in the guy who threw a shoe at george w bush for president in november

Yeah I love FOSS


@Garrison Ahh I remember telling my sister there's a surprise ending if you let it play for half an hour. Good times...!

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