Does anyone know of anything like a Discord or Matrix server for electronic musicians to collaborate and share work, ideally localised to London?

Happy 1 year anniversary to my darling @AnticsOfAnna. She got me flowers, I don't think *anyone's* ever bought me flowers before!!! ☺️💚💚

Writing my mastodon think piece "Mastodon Needs Fixing, How Can We Solve It?". The article is just erotic Thanos fanfic but no one would read it anyway

You ever think about how big you are compared to a cat

Like imagine taking a nap on the chest of a strange creature 20 times your size

We've taken two great things and made them even better 

From the makers of ourorboros and the aurora borealis we bring you

Auroboroalis™: The Northern Lights That Can't Stop Devouring Itself®

Kinga Quote Board 

Seriously this was a terrible mistake. Kinga's ramped up their dadjoking to a dangerous level.

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Kinga Quote Board 

Kinga: "I need to tell you jokes! For my joke column on Mastodon!!"

Me: "Sorry, 'column'? It's a hashtag, it's not like a newspaper column babe..."

Kinga: "It's a column!"

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Starting Chaturbate 

Anyone be able to give me any advice on setting up Chaturbate? I'm unsure about what bots to use and how high my restrictions should be

Kinga Quote Board 

Kinga: "Are you going to start a ? You should add that chiropractor joke I told you."

Me: "I'm not posting your jokes, they're terrible. Like, I don't even remember any chiropractor joke..."

Kinga: "Are you sure? It's from about *A WEAK BACK!!*" :thinkerguns:

Me: "... ... ...Goddamn, I kind of walked into that, didn't I?"

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Kinga Quote Board 

Kinga: "I like my fries like I like my men — salty."

Me: "I need to start a "

british people love to post this image and call the prime minister 'a right bloody cockwaffle'

Oh my god I'm trying to find airbrush tutorial videos and I've suffered through two by this one guy, but I've hit "next video" like 7 or 8 times and I swear to god, ALL HE DOES IS STENCIL SKULLS

food; hot pizza take 

@andi Seriously! I mean, sure, there's *art* in really good pizza, but it's all good. (Well, maybe not the chains) I adore a beautifully slender Italian crust, crisp on the very bottom, but still yielding within, with lightly singed, puffy edges, and a sauce singing of fresh tomatoes; but there's also so much to be said for a classic Californian, with a bit thicker base, heartier sauce, and toppings piled on. =:9

And then all the different ovens make their own contributions! It's wonderful! Wood, coal, electric, gas..

Dammit, now I need to get back to North Beach. =:)

food; hot pizza take 

@porsupah Damn rights!!! Exactly all this!!

food; hot pizza take 

@porsupah Oh yay, mix the British tendency towards anti-Americanism with the Londoner tendency toward being stuck-up assholes who feel it's a productive use of time on this earth to be elitist about the dinnertime equivalent of a ham and cheese sandwich.

YEAH, I SAID IT. Pizza is to dinnertime as sandwiches are to lunch! Y'all gonna argue about *sandwiches*?! YEAH let's get up on our high horses about basic-ass foodstuffs, let's do *toast* next! Fuckin' elitist pricks! 😤

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