ukpol shitpost 

ukpol shitpost 

@cosmicevan @byttyrs Tbtf, Mads said *at least* three.

Bon Jovi has released 14 studio albums. Jon Bon Jovi as a solo artist has released two.

Combined it's highly possible that they're responsible for _at least_ two dozen of the worst songs ever made.

Bon Jovi is responsible for at least three of the worst songs ever made

@byttyrs Congratulations, you picked the exact same three songs that I would've. :heart_parrot:

Chapter 9, about the press, should be required reading for anyone working in media.

No but for reals I'm really excited because the authors' previous work is exceptional. I might write a review later. :heart_parrot:

Got a copy of "Gender: an illustrated guide"

*FINALLY* I'll get to learn what *all* the genders are !!

Okay! is updated with a fix for YouTube embeds devised by me and @hugo, as well as better dropdown options on toots: They will now properly show "unmute" when you have someone already muted, as well as offering the "hide everything from x" option. No need to open a profile for that anymore!

@CorvusRobotica Speaking as somebody who used that workflow for many years with much frustration β€” copy all of it locally, edit and test it all locally, use Git to version control it all locally, and only scp it back up when you're happy with it. Apologies if this is already what you're doing. :heart_parrot:

@wintgenstein Right?? You try and do it lying down and have to seriously crane your neck downwards to see anything and it's like, *how is this an improvement??*

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