Trans health question 

@mitsumi @porsupah This is all really helpful, thank you!! :heart_parrot:

re: Trans health question 

@Elisa I think I need to see what my levels are next time I test, last test they were super high. 🤷‍♀️

@martijnbraam I absolutely miss phones with full keyboards. Took me forever to move to full touch screen phones because I didn't trust predictive text. 😂

Trans health question 

So like where's the best place to put oestrogel anyway? I've been putting it on my nutsack because I was told it increases bioavailability but somewhat wonder how good of an idea that is...

@zens @AnticsOfAnna @IngaLovinde Anyway, most of the photos I've been posting on Fetish Church were are from really early on when I was experimenting with gender identity, lot of items bought from Wish. 😅 My style has matured since then... Slightly. 😂

@zens @AnticsOfAnna Aw, y'all are kind. 😊 :heart_parrot:

@IngaLovinde Yeah, I kind of went through like 6 months of identifying as cisgay, to thinking I was just a crossdresser, to admitting I'm fairly nonbinary, to realising I only ever care to be femme so am actually probably pretty binary trans. I spent all last year doing counselling to decide if I wanted to start HRT, but really I had that figured out half-way through and mainly needed the counselling for how to talk to my parents.

@zens 💚💚 Started transitioning just over six months ago, too. ☺️

Honestly I've reconsidered, highlight of the last two years was definitely meeting @AnticsOfAnna — I'm so much better these days, my partners take good care of me. :heart_parrot:

@zens That was ages (6 months) ago now. The fact he turned into a right dickhead who makes occasionally stupid into my SMS messages to make transphobic comments about my partner has definitely helped the healing process lol

Like I changed my whole ass gender, you do NOT want my lowlights rn lol

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But like really, how do you describe anyone's last two years? I talk to friends who I haven't seen in years and we both respond to "what's new?" with "nothing much" at this point...

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Oh add the detail that it happened after I did a bunch of ketamine with him all weekend for bonus tragic "what the fuck is your life, Andi?" points

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They asked, at drinks with colleagues tonight —

What is your highlight, lowlight and biggest lesson learned the last two years?

What I said: "Stopping smoking, restarting smoking; 'stopping smoking is hard'."

What I wanted to say: "Hooking up with a guy twice my age who really got me and encouraged me and seemed invested in my development and who I genuinely fucking loved, then him having a stroke and turning into an asshole resulting in me abandoning him; 'I have extremely low self-esteem'."

@boobs_idiot That turtleneck Utena is wearing is *everything* tho 😍

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