fake horny dialogue 

@bri_seven 😂 Okay but that's totally my point from OP, if it's another femme it's sweet and endearing and I'm likely to reciprocate; if it's a guy (even one I've talked to a bit and made out with) I'm very much like "Oh god I so don't have energy for this"

Attention Artists!

If you draw women who:
-Are built real strong (cannot be knocked over with a pail of water, that's for sure)
-Have an unimpressive rack (unless you count the muscle)

-You are a better artist than anime
-We all owe you a great debt
-Can I see them

fake horny dialogue 

"Aw yeah you're super cute, just wanna do sexy things to you aw yeah"

"Oh look it's late night night"

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I'm so bad at talking to boys when they start getting horny oh my god 😓

My colleagues really are trying my patience for Day 2 of Quitting Smoking Again.

Having an extremely rough week, please send positive energy.

@Garrison lmao, if somehow Ben Garrison is a distant relative of yours, please tell him to get off the internet, it's really poisoning his brain.

@Anarkat @maddiefuzz Kelly's work is absolutely a parody of Garrison, I rate it as some of the best satire online. If it isn't satire I really don't know what to think anymore

Advice needed: moving instance domain 

@realcaseyrollins Oh god, hellthreading a bunch of people who are fighting would be a nightmare 😂

Advice needed: moving instance domain 

So, I have an instance on a subdomain, london.fetish.church, and I'm wanting to move to the apex domain, fetish.church.

1. Is it possible to lift-and-shift an instance? If I change the config and update all mentions in any db dumps, would putting a redirecting microservice at the old subdomain work for not breaking old statuses?

2. If not, what's the best way of migrating all my users to new accounts on a new instance?

THANK YOU :heart_parrot:

kink, advice welcome 

@LilyVers @eject No doubt! Well, offer's always open in the future once I get the instance on the apex domain! :heart_parrot:

kink, advice welcome 

@LilyVers @eject tl;dr tho I've seen interest from a few corners and it's something I want to go back to pretty imminently.

kink, advice welcome 

@LilyVers @eject We'd love to have you. I've not been very active on Fetish Church lately because part of me wants to change it from hyperlocal instances to just one at the apex domain but I really don't know how to do that in a way that won't break everything 🙈

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