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My dog is named Lego because he is small and i am afraid of stepping on him

Some things that are good:

1. Marking NSFW media sensitive
2. Using CWs
3. Alt text for images
4. Pronouns in your profile
5. The number 5
6. Mutual aid
7. Puppies (all kinds)
8. Pineapple pizza

Bless this cishet white boys who get on here and complain about how CWs are ruining the fediverse. It helps me keep my block hand STRONG.

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boost this if you are both gay and homosexual

Helpful person in Pleroma IRC: "Hm, no idea why it's not federating. What's your instance's URL?"

Me: "Uhhh uhhhhh...." πŸ˜“

This is so close to working and being terrific and being exactly what I want but this just ain't it, chief.

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thank u to the sunrise for these lovely #selfies

images hidden as they are a) lingerie pics and b) have some eye contact


Oh and the S3 uploading doesn't seem to work and there's no docs and I don't know Elixir and why have I done this to myself??

I'd really, really like to like it, but I'm at the point that mix make_admin is crashing and I just don't have time for this...

Ugh, screw Pleroma! I'm done...

Maybe PeerTube is a better fit for my lewd project anyway. Can that do text posts?

*sobbing* I... *sniff* I...

*screaming* ...I just want a goddamn SSL certificate so I can post very lewd things is that so much for a girl to ask???! 😭

so i turn around and there's this going on with the cat

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