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Sweary; possibly suicidal friend, help needed 

Possibly suicidal friend, help needed 

Seriously everything about the concept just sounds hysterically bad.

disgraced mcdonalds CEO admits: "i shouldn't have done it. there's a power imbalance there. grimace is a large blob creature and i am just a regular human man. he knows he can get me to do whatever he wants. he knows that he owns me"

Dr Joshua Safer AMA 2017 

Dr Joshua Safer AMA 2017 

Our BOOK OF SHADOWS: BUFFOMET bingo game featuring my piece for the book is heating up! We just cracked $13K and are super close to getting 50 RT's in the Twitter thread, so if you want to keep up (and promote our book), go take a peek over on the birdsite:

AND ALSO!!! We only have (oh my god, nintendo) 64 hours left in the campaign! If you'e been waiting for a good time to nab our beautiful book of queer demon erotica, that time is NOW.

i literally never cared about the phrase "ok boomer" at all until boomers started getting furious about it and now it's hilarious

I've started posting my shots on my followers-only lewd alt @winter β€” just fyi!! 😘

Wait what is a *thing* and nobody told me??? Dammit I'm already 3 days behind!!!

Okay, let's start this #nudevember thread :shiro_smile:
It will be mainly smartphone pictures 'cause I'm lazy, and some of the themes I don't like will be skipped.
Feel free to share or boost~ :shiro_drooling:

My account doesn't have a purpose except being my account. It just exists and I say stuff on it. It's a good account.

😫 can we all agree that this emoji is cumming


Wanna learn webdev. Any suggestions on languages/places to learn it?

Boosts appreciated

insulting people by calling them the names of mildly to supremely unpleasant and/ or annoying things

*you lukewarm sushi
*you forgotten leftover box
*you absolute rancid walnut
*you hidden lego in the night
*you stubbed toe
*you smudged glasses lense
*you expired tin of yogurt
*you weak pot of coffee
*you fart in the elevator

Slightly lewd 

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