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Curious Cat post 

Curious Cat user (anonymous) asks: What is love to you?

My answer: Baby don't hurt me (to you)
Don't hurt me (to you)
No more (to you)


I'm out and it's 12 minutes until the store opens

lynne is an amazing writer don't steal from her

Carole and Tuesday 

@andi I haven't seen that one but I know the feeling hard.

Question. Have you watched Bloom Into You / Yagate Kimi ni Naru? Cuz that's a recent yuri anime that was an instant favorite for me. And from the first episode it's clear right away they aren't queer baiting it. It even follows two lesbians couples, and later even address all the harmful "it's a phase" bullshit in a great way. Only problem is anime doesn't complete the story, but the manga is complete.

I ran a photo of myself looking masc and femme through Microsoft's machine vision thing, and it said there was a 40% chance it was the same person.

I guess the key to avoiding facial recognition is to go trans. You heard it here first, folks.

Il discurso mΓ©ta 

I so don't have the spoons to deal with this rn please don't take my lack of action for a lack of empathy πŸ’š

Carole and Tuesday spoilers; Bebop spoilers 

Also the trans mom subplot. It's just really started kicking off but I can't see it ending well. My money's on something tragic like they did with the trans subplot in Bebop

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Carole and Tuesday 

Okay I wasn't sure about the thing with the guy doing the handshake in the park in s01e07 but they made it super cute at the end of that episode? Is that a kinda overt black stereotype and in the broader context of black stereotypes in anime how bad is it?

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Carole and Tuesday 

I like this show but some bits are kinda bad, alas

Curious Cat post 

Curious Cat user (anonymous) asks: Which word would you like us all to stop using? Why?

My answer: Literally all non-professional titles and salutations

Curious Cat post 

Curious Cat user (anonymous) asks: Who would you have over as a dinner guest, living or dead?

My answer: Hunter S. Thompson. It would be a dinner to remember...

pr0n req 

Could somebody please for the love of God direct me to a site for porn that is less shit than PornHub? Thank you.

fedi meta 

predictable things happen, some people are predictably surprised, day as usual

the sooner folks realise that most of the current fediverse is built upon naive models, the sooner we can move beyond them

this isn't even (mostly) a technical-level problem, even if it requires changes in how we approach it on the technology level

for example most people can understand that federating with everyone by default exposes vulnerable people to leaks and harrassment, and makes mods' jobs harder

Open if you're barrow 

Hi! You're cute too!! πŸ’šπŸ’š

open to be called cute 

hi! you're cute ✨

I'm too lazy to calculate the contrast ratio but I'd bet it's pretty high

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