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Lol @ that part of the fet scene trying to be queer and gender inclusive but uses purely cis people in their promos... Aww bless.

Sure like maybe some part of me is bitter for living through two recessions already in my short life as an adult. Maybe some part of me says, "we could have risked it".

Am I becoming Tory? Fuck, I hope not.

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Am I allowed to hate Boomers for this? Some part of me says "Yes child, that's okay rn". I don't know if that's the better part of my being though...

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Feeling like moving to the country and starting a trans commune where we grow all our own drugs

Feel like not paying central London rents when I can't even go outside

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Feeling like finding an empty spot of the Thames, filling my lungs with air, and then just screaming screaming screaming, until I pass out and need resuscitating.

Oh I finally posted another column, like, three months late.

It's fucking shit, don't read it. I'm mainly posting it so the two people who submitted questions don't think I've totally abandoned them, making me ever-so-slightly-less of a total fucking abject failure at this.

Hey @write_as β€” I haven't posted anything in months but it seems the fedi support is _still_ broken. That feature is the main reason I pay for a subscription, I'm probably going to cancel if it isn't sorted out soon?

Mh (-) 

God I hate everything right now. I can usually push myself to see the silver lining, but here is *zero* optimism in my spirit.

Ugh they totally played a brill remix of this at Slimelight tonight and I cannot find it anywhere

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Don't think I've posted this here yet but I'm still really proud of it nearly one year later. Tom Clancy's Tom Clancy for the original Xbox

Oh, my. I think I've found the most cursed job listing. Partner in

(wait for it)

a Social Media Theme Park.

i love watching british newspaper columnists stumble into realising how universally despised they are

Yay! My food dehydrator arrived today! Time to make some fruit jerky! :party_sparkles:

ok but when can we start getting mad about map projections cause i got Some Anger In Me about that

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