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Yep definitely just heard someone mix a Greta Thunberg speech with "Right Here, Right Now" by Fatboy Slim and uhhh it's uh, it's uh not good fam lol


Idk i just can't believe the kinds of beautiful creatures we get to share the world with

Useless cartoon gun in game 

I ragequit shortly after this, I used all my fruit to buy this gun and I can't even get it out of this room 😭

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I just realised the layout makes no sense. You get a different room every time you go into a tunnel

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Now playing Sewer Rave, I have zero idea what this game is trying to say

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I'm going to play a bunch of cat-related games from the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality all night, come say heyyyy

MH (-) 

God, so happy to lose all my friends this year!! Fucking love it!!

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MH (-) 

Also to the people above my flat clearly having a party and preventing me from depression sleeping, could you please just all fucking die??

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MH (-) 

Like, sorry to all my friends who think that ignoring the fact there's a pandemic out there is a socially acceptable thing to do, in the future could you just NOT invite me to shit so I don't have to feel bad declining? Fuck off.

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MH (-) 

Sorry I haven't been around much but I'm kinda depressed as fuck right now.

Sorry had to delete that last one because FRAGILE MEN

Guns, Confederacy 

My favorite thing about being a scholar of Confederate small arms is telling southern fanboys their guns were uniformly shit


*me, on my deathbed*

Goodbye, everyone. I love you all so much. I'll see you soon. 😞

*everything fades to black, except for a glimmering light in the distance*

I'm not going to the light. You're gonna need something more enticing than that. 😛

*Waluigi Pinball plays softly in the distance*

Now we're fucking talking! 😃

‪Lucha Libre Taco Shop‬

‪“If you are a Luchador, please wear both masks!”‬

420, Barack HUSSEIN Obama 

@andi me sober: laughing real hard

me on drugs: laughing real hard but at something really dumb

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