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@Gargron if you don’t unmute by MIDNIGHT EST TONIGHT, I will officially challenge you to a duel.

Winner becomes admin of .social ... and the loser goes to the SHADOW REALM!!

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Yay I called my grandma on her birthday I'm not as abysmal a grandchild as I thought I was yesterday. Good work me for putting the calendar entry two days early... 😅

idea about social networking... probably not plausible nor recommended, but maybe worth discussing? 

I wonder if we could have a mood indicator in our profile whenever we went online, like "mood: busy", or "distressed", or "lonely" or "very negative and depressed", or "in need of a hug", stuff like that.

And maybe only in our profile? Like, to have an idea how to interact with someone or maybe just know it's not an appropriate time?

Because in real life we know when someone is pissed, happy, or in the verge of tears... but we can't know any of that online, as if everyone was wearing a mask.

But I wonder about the privacy implications of this. (Or worse, assholes targeting people in a bad mood)

Then again, maybe the software could give us a hand? Like, depending on your mood, it could automatically (but with your knowledge and consent) filter bad stuff?

I don't know, I'm just pondering... :blobthinking:

Being mopey 

God it's been, like, two weeks since I saw my (ex-)boyfriend. I miss being wanted by someone...

@PixelFed I figured it out!!! Honestly, you *really* need to tell people to change MAIL_DRIVER from "log" to "smtp" in the docs, I only learned that from a throwaway comment on an issue!!

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Just irrationally angry and sleep deprived and depressed today.

@PixelFed Hey I'm trying to set this up again, any idea why it's not sending email? I'm trying to do SMTP over SSL on Dreamhost as per

@xnx38h my all time most windows 10 windows 10 experience was the update where it gave me a blank screen for a few seconds followed by the slowly fading in text "your files are right where you left them"

Traveller RPG 

Me to my hotshot asshole of a pilot: "Look, we're trying to be stealthy, maybe don't do your normal, overly-show-y, high difficulty manoeuvers just for a sec???"

Pilot: "Fuck you, I'm totally going to do the STEALTHIEST landing anyone's ever SEEN!"

Me: ???

Welp, "find ~/ -name pixelfed" on my work laptop has bit the dust.

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Oh for fuck's sake, I had Pixelfed deployed in a really cost-optimised way at one point and I'm wanting to do that again but I totally forget how I did that

@monorail That’s right!🐟✨
Time zones are hard~!🐟💦

Then we’re going to need an always available greeting for the internet!​:133b:​✨🐟

For instance, “Hi! My friend!”₍₍🐟⁾⁾✨

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