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they aren't endangered, but they are under pressure in some areas. and don't worry, we're about to figuring out how to make the enzyme that we need to check for bacteria with - how to get some friendly yeast or bacteria in a lab to make it for us, so we don't have to take horseshoe crab blood. there's also been recent advancements on how to treat horseshoe crabs extra nice so that fewer of them get stressed out and perish when donating blood.

so if you see a horseshoe crab on the beach, do what the little campaign says.... just flip 'em!!!

they don't bite, and their tail may look scary but it's actually very fragile. you can just grab them by the shell and flip them over. and that way you can save a crab friend!! they often get stranded upside-down on breaches during breeding season.

the crab will thank you, and you'll be doing a great thing for YOUR health, too!!

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oh man i am like three things back about things i promised to do tomorrow. but still.

guess what day it is today, fuckers.


that's right.



'living fossils' that have just been chilling like forever in the same form. eat shit coelocanths! you look like noobs next to horseshoe crabs!!!!
got blood that looks like the blue milk luke skywalker drinks
you owe them a great debt for making your medicines safe! YES, YOU.

every single thing that is injected into you is tested with an enzyme from horseshoe crab blood. this is how we're able to check to make sure things like insulin, vaccines, etc. aren't contaminated with bacteria!

we can safely capture horseshoe crabs and have them donate a little bit of their blood for this. some horseshoe crabs still sadly die from the stress of this, but i think it's pretty cool that this is an animal we depend upon for something really important in science, but we don't gotta kill them!

they can be big! they can be small! BUT REMEMBER TO APPRECIATE THEM ALL!!!

horseshoe crabs!!!!!

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Hey everyone thanks for being supportive the last few weeks, I've admittedly been a total mess.

I think I've sorted some stuff out and am doing better today. Knock on wood it continues into the weekend... πŸ’š

I am the only person on Mastodon who knows how to search a Mastodon archive (well, only person besides @andi)

download it and load it into this here browser-based script which will index it for word-searching

Feeling like shit 

Fuck, I just want to curl into a ball and cry

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Feeling like shit; directed to somebody specific who'll never read it 

And I'm so fucking sorry you grew up somewhere that led you to internalise a bunch of toxic shit; spoilers, I grew up there too, but at least I'm honest with myself. Maybe you're not actually looking for someone. Maybe you're just looking to salve that searing hatred you feel towards yourself for feeling things you don't want to feel. Maybe I'm just collateral damage to your failure to ever let anybody touch you.

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Feeling like shit 

Let me preface this by requesting you don't respond with saying how pretty I am or whatever; I present a facsimile on here, my issue isn't with the facsimile, it's with the fact it doesn't look anything like real life and people treat me like shit all the time because I don't really look like my photos. I'm so sorry that real skin isn't porcelain smooth and not ever angle is My One Good Angle. But why bother treating me like a person when I don't always please the male gaze?

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which colour/colours correspond with how you feel about me lowkey?

πŸ’š your serpent tongue and wit scare me, queen

❀️ pls lemme smash, queen

πŸ’™ i followed you cos ur hot and funny and uh oh still are, queen

πŸ–€ i silently simp for you on the daily, queen

πŸ’œ i want to talk to you more/ start talking to you, but you intimidate me, queen

πŸ’› hey do you actually have an only fans or is it all jokes, aha ha, just askin, queen

:heartpink: queen can i send you like Β£100, queen please

screaming β€œfuck” during sex is like screaming β€œtennis” while swinging your racquet at the ball during a game of tennis

@andi seperate posts have taken the place of puntuation

Might just stop using punctuation altogether because honestly what's the fucking point

Make me a .social mod
I can kick Luigi's ass (in Quake deathmatch)

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