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@andi @aradinfinity Sheldon: Baboop!
The studio audience: screaming, hollering, tearing their hair out as they devolve in to a ritualistic blood orgy

@andi @aradinfinity When two posters have the same toot at the same time it's called the Bing Bong Theory.

@andi You could have just left out the "about polyam stuff" and the sentence would have been the same.

you could cut out the "about polyam stuff" and still be correct

This episode of Big Bang Theory about polyam stuff is really bad

@andi uh
exCUSE me
here in AMERICA where CARS were INVENTED

Wifeswap Australia Shitposting 

Jesus Christ people are shit. Everyone in this show is abusive.

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Why do people make themselves miserable with family like this?

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"Oh my god, these people have some unresolved shit, stop exploiting them you assholes."

β€” Me, watching any reality TV, ever

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The big reveal of this show: "heteronormative values are kind of unfair and problematic????"

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I'm watching "Wife Swap Australia" and jfc this is such a weird window into straight people

the fact that this one isn't making the numbers right now is the proof that meritocracy is a lie invented in the eighties to make you buy more stocks

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UK trans politics; deed polls; name changes (++) 

This was just posted on Slack by a lawyer at my company, apparently it's possible to do a statutory declaration instead which still carries a fair bit of legal weight?

> It recommends against using a deed poll and instead advises using a statutory declaration [which] carries more weight than an "unenrolled" deed poll

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