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Shit, did I even mention I started HRT? I'm about three weeks in now. 😄

transitioning (++) 

Ahh I've been on E nearly three weeks ahh my skin is already so soft ahhhh this totally kicks ass ahhhh

Yes, because breadboarding my desktop is totally what I wanted to do this week 🤦🏼‍♀️

despite the large number of arrows in unicode, there still aren't enough

I feel so many emotions around Elite Dangerous.

On one hand, I'm still angry from last night. On the other hand, I am a total fucking pain slut.

Truly it's Friday because I have like 4 guys I haven't talked to in 8 months lighting up my phone

Wow, people noticed my Mastodon tools again last night it seems lol. I really need to finish sometime...

@andi Driving through a dark, soulless, airless landscape with nowhere in particular to go

With people shooting at you for no reason

And all the buildings and structures look a) identical and b) like their best days were about 65 years ago's West Yorkshire Truck Simulator

Anyone who replies with "git gud" is getting immediately blocked with zero recourse. Fucking TRY ME.

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And I just fucking died again. UGH, I don't need this in my life. I'm deleting Elite Dangerous forever, fuck this game so incredibly hard. Yes, I fucking suck at videogames but I have so many better things to do with my life fuuuuuuuuck this.

Well that was a wholly unsatisfying evening. Why do I bother with relationships and/or videogames anyway.

*screams in "I made it to the fucking station you fucking game why am I not able to repair my canopy!?"*

A very accurate analysis regarding the Reclaim These Streets VS Sisters Uncut debate going on right now in the UK.
A piece about what is and what is not activism basically.

UK trans healthcare question (pls help) 

I have a friend who's really unhappy with her chest shape and wants to get a breast augmentation. She's been saving up for it for an eternity, and was just told by a clinic here in London they can't treat her due to her gender dysphoria and borderline personality disorder diagnoses.

Given most medically-transitioning trans people have gender dysphoria diagnoses, how do trans people in the UK get breast augs?

@andi the person who bought “The First 5000 Days” owns an NFT fund, like if Marcel Duchamp’s most enthusiastic patron were a manufacturer of urinals

@andi The NFT is the art. It’s like “An Oak Tree” crossed with “The K Foundation Burn A Million Quid” and I love it

Materials: JPEG, blockchain, planet (used), oceans of avarice

@andi maybe the real art was the destruction we made along the way

Truly, is there anything more Late Capitalism than NFT art? Let's pay money for exclusive rights to this particular digital hash, at the cost of exorbitant amounts of energy that isn't in any way factored into the art's price. Brilliant, well done.

Art as social collapse as art.

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