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Just bought and unsure whether to make it a Pixelfed or Mastodon instance.

Note I'm not calling for the replacement of Β§/Β± here. I think we should do away with something actually useful this time, maybe a vowel like a/A.

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Petition to add a dedicated πŸ˜‚ / πŸ’© key to all British keyboards

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I ranted about this to my partner and they just rolled their eyes and told me there are far stupider regional keyboards, BUT I DUNNO FAM...!!!

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Did you ever want to add a "section" token to a legal document without having to look up the really arcane Β§ symbol that only lawyers and British politicians use?


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I don't know about you folks, but personally I'm really freaking grateful that I can signify a number can be plus OR minus, with a single keystroke!!! #Β±crew

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All hail the Β±/Β§ key, truly the peak of British computer science excellence

trans stuff (++) 

Thanks for all the nice words everyone, and apologies for the delay responding! I got stuck into some work after posting so waking up to this was really nice. 😊

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4:20 make a wish :blazeit420:

(Streak: I think about 11 now??)

trans stuff (++) 

Nearly at the two month mark now...

I think I'm actually starting to get little a titty...?? 😁 Also my skin's never looked nicer and I have less body hair suddenly. Gosh, shit's awesome.

And like, I don't think I anticipated how happy this all would make me...?? :heart_parrot:

if you ever find yourself fighting a hippo, just remember the hippo combat protocol.

𝑯 - hang in there!
𝑰 - it'll get better!
𝑷 - pretend this isn't happening!
𝑷 - praying. have you tried that?
𝑢 - okay, well. uh.. huh. hmm.

4:20 make a wish :blazeit420: :420: :420_flag: :verified420:

(Streak: I think like 8 now?? I'm not requiring me to get both 4:20s in day to keep streaking!)

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