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@andi I'm wondering if it's because a California judge issued a warrant to seize a crypto wallet associated with the Colonial Pipeline hack

Any idea why crypto's down so much today? Like, beyond the fact it's an atrocious fucking idea benefitting nobody but privileged greedheads??

My older gay roommate gave me "The Trouble with Normal" circa 2012 and I found it kind of confusing but thought provoking--I wasn't sure I agreed. Re-reading it today, it was a text that radicalized me with respect to the ethics of queer sexuality, and I wish everyone participating in The Current Discourse could read it.

This #WorldOceanDay let's remember the very real consequences of #aviation on our climate - and therefore our sea levels! #staygrounded

➡️Data from this study if you'd like to read more:

@andi @reverend So that is what was causing some websites that I attempted to reach returning 503 :)

But yes, doesn't use Fastly.

Fuck me I want to fall asleep watching JoJo instead of doing work tonight 😭

it's wild how cryptocurrency supporters will yammer on and on about how secure and untraceable it is while every other news story is about wallets being hacked or traced. pure ideology

Once again I will say, cryptocurrency is classist

Nipple/nude; semi-nude 

I love these photos @AnticsOfAnna took of me, they're so cute and sapphic. Especially love that ever-so-slowly I am indeed growing breasts. ☺️ :heart_parrot:

Latex selfie, 2020 (eye contact) 

I'm going to start posting old fet-y selfies every day. ☺️ This one was from last year, I've since been told it's not a good idea to put metal on latex; learn something every day... 😅 is just going to be an "NFT Onlyfans" (if they do anything at all) but their marketing language implies a world where you can buy someone's girlfriend away from them

or a world where you "can" (have to) buy out of a relationship if your partner doesn't agree

My friend @Moss started a gofundme to help support me and my family for #prideMonth

My partner is out of a job, so we're out of an income.

For someone like me, I hate autism "awareness" month and "pride" month about as much as I hate "thanksgiving", where white people celebrate the continuing genocide of #Indigenous people like me

So if you can help, that'd be amazing. We're just running it for June for now. Any "extra" money will go to our medical bills/needs and #trans necessities, particularly as @transmundane needs clothing!
#transCrowdfund #disabilityCrowdfund

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I made the #qtbipoc pride flag some years ago, on my playvicious account. I've had very few people actually ask to use it, but it has beenused in many many places. The latest is the Blue's Clues Pride video (it's about 30 seconds in)

The license for this image is pretty simple, all queer or trans BIPOC can plaster it all over their accounts as desired. Queer trans BIPOC-led org can use it as well with just attribution. Everyone else has to ask and probably pay me. Blue's Clues of course did not ask me or even bother to attribute it to me.

Is #pride really for #BIPOC, even though we started it? Corporate pride obviously doesn't think so, which pride definitely doesn't think so.


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