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Non-biney snek friend 

I crochet a Non-biney snek friend. Such a cute noodle. Sadly didn't have the perfect shade of purple but I still like it.

Impact play; bruises; lewd; butt 

Got some lovely marks from the other night, love being spanked while getting fucked. ☺️

I get to meet @porsupah in like a week and I'm so incredibly excited, she's like my oldest mufo on Mastodon. 🥰

I have very realistic transition goals,

I only want to be the hottest person alive.

Old selfies (2018, bit lewd, eye-contact) 

The second half of this shoot I'm trying to make a bodycon dress that is WAYYY too short for me work. 😅

I should dig out those heels, I'm ridiculously tall in them... 😂

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Old selfies (2018, no nudity, eye-contact) 

This set's a two-parter, this half is a bit more SFW

IIRC, the first photo is me doing the @Laser pose back when it was all the craze (it was the "Macarena" of 2018, after all). I like that shot because I'm doing that annoying lips-pursing thing in all the other shots in this set 😂

They're not content warnings, they're content promises.


:bing: brain removal surgery
:bing: whole brain extraction
:bing: brain be gone

If I see one more tiktok by someone who wants to go back to 2007 I will personally send them the coordinates to their nearest hot topic

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You know. Young zoomers. 16 year old zoomers. You can dress up like an emo. Hot topic is still in business. You can order from their site. If you wanna go back to 2007 so bad, live your truth. Do it. I’m serious

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