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Thinking about how incidences of pubic lice have decreased dramatically in the last few decades due to Brazilian waxes and "manscaping".

Folks, we're destroying their natural habitat.

WOWWW I had such a good night. I think @AnticsOfAnna took this photo, it describes the scene well. 😄

back at work, trans stuff (++) 

First day back in the office, uh, first day in the office with boobs. Eternally grateful to the absolutely lovely receptionist who was the first person I saw back and complimented me at length on my hair. ☺️☺️ :heart_parrot:

The "make the 😮‍💨 emoji" not look shit challenge

Replace all problematic name drops with "Hatsune Miku" 2021 challenge.

Otyugh done! I wanted to do something more fun than the usual plain browns otyughs usually come in, so i loosely based the paint job on the green frog (l. clamitans) instead

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I'm making the mini painting thing a thread now to keep track of it. Also I finished the owlbear! Base coating it alone took me like 3 days- all those feathers were so finicky. But I'm super pleased with how it turned out!

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> the real long-term future of computing consists of figuring out how to make the best possible use we can out of the literal millions of devices which already exist.

The standard salvage computing platform - solderpunk

MH (--) 

Like, awesome, my fears that this client was going to try to stiff my partner and I for the work we did over the course of a year seem to have come true, *and* the friend I was really hoping to talk to about it tonight has bailed.

Going to have a bong hit, a good cry, then go to bed early. Fuck being awake.

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MH (--) 

Ran out of spoons hours ago, now thoroughly into the "just fuck it" stage of the evening. What a miserable fucking day.

Love it when a web dev client whines about not having enough money to pay me when I can literally see a bitch's Stripe account

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