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7 of 9: "A Vulcan referring to a holographic character by name, that would seem... Illogical..."

Tuvok: ...

7 of 9: (☞゚ヮ゚)☞

Tuvok: ...

7 of 9: (☞゚ヮ゚)☞


Then s04e04 is boring AF and everyone talks like they'reve written all the dialog using Google Translate

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S04e03 "Day Of Honour" is such a great episode omg

misgendering (~) 

Gaslighting myself into thinking I'm not being misgendered by using neopronouns, because I can't be TOTALLY SURE I was being called "he" instead of "ze", right?


Y'all were right, this gets much better third season

Kinga quote board 

Me: "Can I rub your sidecut for good luck??"
Kinga: "Is that how we're doing this... Okay, what do you need luck for??"
Me: "Kinga, have you not seen my luck with men?? I need all the luck in the world!"
Kinga: "Andi. I give luck, not cause miracles..."


Okay let's do this

I'm also watching @AnticsOfAnna play Elden Ring so let's see if my connection holds up

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Okay I flaked on the guy, I probably saved myself a night of disappointment. Stream in an hour (12 midnight GMT)!

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I bought a new airbrush gun for doing nails, so if this guy flakes on me tonight I might do an extended Twitch stream

Me to Kinga just now: Can I rub your sidecut for luck??

ST: Voyager spoilers 

Wait I stopped paying to this episode for 2 minutes and in that time Paris and Janeway turned into lizards and fucked?? Did I get that right??

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Gosh Star Trek Voyager's first two seasons are slow and boring AF. Does it get any better?


had a dream where @andi thought i didn't like her so she went go-karting

Let's see how long it takes for me to delete it again this time!

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At the "I'm depressed so gonna download Grindr" portion of the week.

Goddamn I'm blazed on a Thursday and almost drunk/inspired enough to crank out the beginnings of an album, and stupid enough to stream myself doing so on Twitch

trans feels (--) 

Why yes thank you burger shop employee, who served me as I came back from a fet club in full-ass, immaculate makeup. Definitely "sir" is the correct honourific, you fucking asshole.

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