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Tryna decide whether I should strip and redo my whole ass set of gel nails tonight

Some guy asked me if I'm "functional" tonight, and it's like, please tell me you've never slept with any trans women even louder mate

silly Urban Dictionary sex reference 

Yep story checks out

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"Is this a car thing, a manufacturing thing, or a cloud-based IT thing? I honestly have no fucking clue. Please respond, thanks. -Andi."

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I get PR emails like this all the time at work and I'm always tempted to respond asking the most utterly asinine questions:

"Dear Jennifer, this all sounds great, super interested! Just, what's a powertrain?
I can't find it on Urban Dictionary.

Best wishes,


I can't believe none of you reminded me that today is Wotan's birthday

He is six years old

selfie, ec, various mh feels 

Hey, it's been awhile.

I've been in a bit of a funk the last while and I really don't want to just dip in when in depressed and nobody's talking to me on Twitter, but it feels like I'm sort of on the other side of a few things now, so hopefully I can be around a bit more.

Photo from London Trans Pride on Saturday. Happy Pride y'all :heart_parrot:

I think I've seen myself as a vengeful ancient spirit since I was 8½ so I don't worry about aging because I know I'm growing into the wraith I always knew I wanted to be 💕

God I'm so glad I have some (utterly unappreciated) skill as a writer because let me tell you, the number of projects that's saved...

Attention Artists!

If you draw women who:
-Are built real strong (cannot be knocked over with a pail of water, that's for sure)
-Have an unimpressive rack (unless you count the muscle)

-You are a better artist than anime
-We all owe you a great debt
-Can I see them

fake horny dialogue 

"Aw yeah you're super cute, just wanna do sexy things to you aw yeah"

"Oh look it's late night night"

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I'm so bad at talking to boys when they start getting horny oh my god 😓

My colleagues really are trying my patience for Day 2 of Quitting Smoking Again.

Having an extremely rough week, please send positive energy.

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