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is ecological terrorism.
is ecological terrorism.
art on proof-of-work blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum is both stupid AND ecological terrorism.

I work with people who very very rich people listen to for financial advice. They're all very bearish on this shit. Get out while you can. If you don't, don't say I didn't warn you.



DM me if you would join a local Mastodon instance centered around kink in your community! I'm trying to gauge interest outside of London.

Instance block recommendations 

Today I blocked the following instances after receiving a torrent of transphobia from their users:

Please see my TL for further toots with detail.

Transphobia, instance block recc 

What an asshole. Seems the entire instance is full of shitheads, their content policy is about "reclaiming free speech" and other such nonsense.

UK trans healthcare question (pls help) 

I have a friend who's really unhappy with her chest shape and wants to get a breast augmentation. She's been saving up for it for an eternity, and was just told by a clinic here in London they can't treat her due to her gender dysphoria and borderline personality disorder diagnoses.

Given most medically-transitioning trans people have gender dysphoria diagnoses, how do trans people in the UK get breast augs?

Truly, is there anything more Late Capitalism than NFT art? Let's pay money for exclusive rights to this particular digital hash, at the cost of exorbitant amounts of energy that isn't in any way factored into the art's price. Brilliant, well done.

Art as social collapse as art.

Like okay somebody please do better than this, I'm not funny and this is probably going to end up in some educational slide-deck but you get the idea now lol

I've removed the text in the top two panels because this image just has such intense "Potential Meme Format" energy

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Since Pride Month sucked ass this year and we totally weren't allowed to Be Gay, I think we need to seriously fucking ratchet up the Do Crimes part.

Drive-thru gasmask strippers 

You know, I'm actually suddenly a lil' bit delighted we live in a neon anime sci-fi dystopia.


Feeling rejected; depression selfie (eye contact) 

Fuck all of them, I look hot tonight

A woman I met one time told me that she detests the term "night owl" and far prefers "sunrise chaser".

I like that. I think about that a lot.


I'm doing a more serious version of my archive tool and calling it "tootz". It'll probably have posting ability and be both a way to access your past toots while also trying a few novel new ways of reading content on the fediverse.

If you want to beta test it, please sign up here. It's always going to be open source but I want to have something worth showing first before releasing it and I want a group of testers to help me avoid some minefields

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