if you want to ask about my opinions on social issues, here they are:

for things I have context/experience for, I form my own opinions based on that context and experience

for things I don't I shut the fuck up and listen to people who do

step two is where a lot of people fail on this strategy to form good options that aren't stupid and garbage, if you don't have context on something, you don't know jack shit about it. if you haven't experienced transphobia, racism, etc, you don't know jack shit about it, listen to people who do
I can hear you saying "but pea, it's easy to get a one sided view of something just listening to one side", reasonable point actually, listen to both sides, BUT ALSO LOOK AT THE FACTS AND USE YOUR CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS
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if a racist says "oh black people are terrible, they terrorise my community" and black people are like putting their heads down walking through those streets than DING DING DING racist boy is RACIST AND AN ASSHOLE AND WRONG
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note: this is oversimplified because I'm chugging alcohol
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